Profesional Education Courses

for CPAs and Attorneys

Legal Services Provided by Charles A. Borek, Esq., MBA, CPA

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The Borek Group, LLC is dedicated to providing CPAs and attorneys with professional education that focuses on building skills, not just providing background information. Our courses are designed by practitioners with a wide array of experiences AND educational expertise. As a result, we have been able to construct a system of learning that provides participants with tangible, real-world tools and techniques that can be put to immediate use. Knowledge about a particulat topic can be obtained from a variety of professional education sourses. Borek Group participants obtain skills.


We are dedicated to keeping you and your firm up-to-date on the latest developments and technical issues through customized training and subscription services. Live, in-house workshops, training seminars, and flash updates known as "Borek Bulletins" help our clients stay on top of the topics important to their practices. You do not have to spend hours sorting through the barrage of professional literature or sitting through day-long seminars of marginal relevance to get the information you need.




No budget for a dedicated traing director to make sure your team is up to date on CPE or CLE? Let the Borek Group function as your training director. We can provide customized training eligible for professional education credits or assist in the selection of appropriate courses and vendors.




Facing a tricky FIN 48 analysis, A-133 audit, or Form 990 issue? The Borek Group provides consultation regarding these and other accounting problems when you need a little extra help. Rather than "passing off" your client to another professional or risking a failure to provide the high quality services your clients are used to, let us lend a hand to fill in the gaps. Our involvement can be as transparent to the client as you wish. At the Borek Group our goal is to help make your engagement a success and to facilitate your relationship with the client. 

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